Pizza Hacks: 4 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Leftovers

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Leftover pizza hardly ever measures up to the gooey goodness of a freshly baked pie; or so we thought. As it turns out, there are a multitude of ways to revive your leftover pizza slices. Whether it’s reheating it the right way or transforming it into a whole new dish, your leftovers never need to be stale or soggy again.

Plus, saving your leftover pizza also means saving time. You can quickly heat it up for a meal the following day, or turn it into a new delicious creation. But, in order to keep your pie tasting as fresh and tasty as it did day 1, here are some fool-proof leftover tips for pizza connoisseurs:

The Skillet Method

Typically, we don’t consider the skillet to be used for much more than frying up an egg. However, warming your skillet to medium heat with 2 tablespoons of water per slice is the closest thing to magic when it comes to leftover pizza. Simply place a slice flat on a skillet or nonstick pan, cover it with a lid or foil, and set the timer for 6 minutes. Once the time is up, you should be left with a crisp crust and perfectly melted cheese.

The Oven Method

Since the pizza was originally baked in the oven, it makes sense that reheating it in there would suffice. However, reheating leftovers differs from the original temperature and bake time, as the pizza is already fully cooked. In order to reheat a baked pie without drying it out, tightly wrap the slices in foil and place them on a rimmed baking sheet, cold. Then, put the baking sheet on the lowest oven rack, set the oven temperature to 275 degrees, and leave the leftovers to warm for 25-30 minutes. This method keeps all of the moisture in the crust, and it won’t dry out your topping choices.

The Microwave Method

Microwaves have a reputation for drying out food. But, contrary to popular belief, you can actually reheat pizza in the microwave without it turning into cardboard. To do so, start by reducing your microwave’s power to 30-40%. Then, place your pizza slice on a microwave-safe plate, on top of a mug of tap water filled ⅔ of the way. By doing this, you’ll create the environment for the water to evaporate into the crust, keeping it from drying out as it heats up to the desired temperature.

The Recreation Method

Instead of limiting yourself to reheating leftovers, you can also create new dishes out of day-old slices of pizza. Make pizza croutons by cutting your slice into small squares and frying them on the stovetop. Or, fold your pizza slice inward and place it onto a waffle iron to melt the cheese and crisp the outside; perfect for dipping in soups!

Since 1954, our pizzas here at Northlake Tavern have been a Seattle icon. We vow to only use the freshest and finest ingredients available, with each pizza hand-tossed and baked to order. Inspired by the hearty construction and traditional flavors of New York-style pizza, our menu is reflective of our owner’s passion for great food and meticulous attention to detail. Just take a look at our house specialties menu, where the options are endless and a large pizza weighs in at over 8 pounds! Options to dine-in or take one home unbaked are available as well.

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From New York to Seattle

Our specialty pizzas featured in our restaurant are inspired by an old Italian recipe. After many episodes of trial and error, the original owner of Northlake Tavern made a bet that he could craft the best pizza in town. So a bet was made, and the recipe for our speciality pizzas was formulated; a recipe that we still proudly serve here today.

Special Recipe

Our owner recalled eating a great pizza in an Italian restaurant owned by an old friend in New York. After receiving their traditional Italian recipe, he experimented with various kinds of toppings, cheeses, and crust recipes, until perfection was achieved, and the Northlake-style Pizza was born! He won the bet.

Tradition of Excellence

Since then, we have carried on the tradition of making our own special kind of pizza. We work hard everyday to make sure that each pizza ordered is a real tasty treat that you won't forget. Our restaurant uses only the freshest and finest ingredients available, such as real Canadian bacon, Hawaiian pineapple, and freshly-grated cheeses. Plus, our pepperoni and beef sausage is specially-ground to meet our very specific standards.

Since 1954

Northlake Tavern and Pizza House opened in 1954 at a site just a block west of its present location in Seattle, Washington. With the construction of the Interstate 5 Highway bridge, Northlake had to move to a location closer to the U District, where we are still proudly serving the community as a local pub, sportsbar, and pizza restaurant.

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