Why Pizza is the Most Popular Takeout During Quarantine

Pizza Takeout Seattle

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of our daily lives have changed. Under the state’s stay at home orders, we are no longer able to take part in social gatherings, dining in restaurants included. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to order your favorite meals to be delivered in a safe and comfortable way.

Although there are many different cuisines to choose from for delivery, none reigns more supreme than pizza! Here are our top 3 reasons why we believe pizza is the best choice during quarantine:

Quick Delivery

When hunger hits, it hits hard. That’s why we always work our hardest to produce the tastiest pizza as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. Once your pizza is fresh out of the oven, we send it on its way for delivery. By the time it reaches you, you’ll have a hot, cheesy pie to dig into, with zero-contact delivery to ensure everyone’s safety.

Everyone Loves It

No matter a person’s age, pizza is an all-time favorite! One of the things that makes pizza popular with most people’s taste buds is its versatility. Choose from plain cheese, pepperoni, the Italian Special... The decision is yours! In fact, pizza is considered to be America’s favorite comfort food, and comfort is definitely something we all need in this time of uncertainty.


Takeout meals are often expensive, especially for families. But with pizza, your dollar goes a long way! A large pizza from Northlake Tavern costs only about $40, weighing in at over 6 pounds. You can expect a large pizza to feed around 4 to 6 people, meaning each serving comes in at roughly $7-$10.

At Northlake Tavern, we have stayed true to our mission to serve the best New York Style pizza in the Seattle region since 1954. Each and every one of our pizzas are made-to-order, ensuring the freshest flavors and highest quality pies that will keep you coming back for more.

During this time of quarantine in Washington State, we are working with Grubhub to ensure a safe delivery process for orders near the University of Washington (Udub). Or, call in an order for pickup, and we will give you an estimated time to get your pizza hot and fresh!

Give us a call at 206-633-5317 to place an order today, or use our online portal. Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your pizza takeout!

Don’t forget to stop by Northlake Tavern, if you are in or planning a visit to Seattle.

Northlake Tavern Pizza and Bar Seattle

Northlake Tavern & Pizza House Lively Tavern Providing Specialty Pizzas to adults 21+ (under 21 can order take out) since 1954.

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660 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 633-5317

From New York to Seattle

Our specialty pizzas featured in our restaurant are inspired by an old Italian recipe. After many episodes of trial and error, the original owner of Northlake Tavern made a bet that he could craft the best pizza in town. So a bet was made, and the recipe for our speciality pizzas was formulated; a recipe that we still proudly serve here today.

Special Recipe

Our owner recalled eating a great pizza in an Italian restaurant owned by an old friend in New York. After receiving their traditional Italian recipe, he experimented with various kinds of toppings, cheeses, and crust recipes, until perfection was achieved, and the Northlake-style Pizza was born! He won the bet.

Tradition of Excellence

Since then, we have carried on the tradition of making our own special kind of pizza. We work hard everyday to make sure that each pizza ordered is a real tasty treat that you won't forget. Our restaurant uses only the freshest and finest ingredients available, such as real Canadian bacon, Hawaiian pineapple, and freshly-grated cheeses. Plus, our pepperoni and beef sausage is specially-ground to meet our very specific standards.

Since 1954

Northlake Tavern and Pizza House opened in 1954 at a site just a block west of its present location in Seattle, Washington. With the construction of the Interstate 5 Highway bridge, Northlake had to move to a location closer to the U District, where we are still proudly serving the community as a local pub, sportsbar, and pizza restaurant.

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