Pizza Hack- Try Better Ways To Properly Eat Your Pizza

Pizza Hack- Try Better Ways To Properly Eat Your Pizza

When it comes down to a food group that is not only enjoyed while eating but also loved around the world, pizza reigns supreme. People in every part of the globe love this cheesy, delicious dish. Every person has their own unique way of eating and enjoying pizza. However, those ways are not always in favor of pizza.

Some usually create a mess with the sauce; some pull out the cheese, some leave the dough, some don’t eat the vegetables. But does that really do justice to pizza? And are you sure that you’re doing it right?

Well, don’t worry! There are easier and tastier ways to enjoy a pizza fully. Here are a few ways to help you. You can choose whichever technique you like best to eat your pizza!

Most popular way- New York Fold

Behold- the New York Fold! This neat way is the most popular way of eating a pizza. At its core, the New York Fold is about folding your pizza slice half, lengthwise. And it's pretty easy! All you have to do is take the pizza slice and fold them. The trick is to fold them as such the sides meet to create a “U” shape with the crust. Whether you want to stand or walk around while eating your pizza, the fold will keep the cheese in place that preserves the taste and lets you enjoy the slice to its fullest. As per what the New Yorkers say, it is the best way to eat a pizza! Not to forget that you will no longer have a burnt roof from all the hot cheese, just its bursting flavor! Pro Tip: The next time you visit a pizza house, make sure you try this thing out!

Balance Flavor: Pizza Wallet

Like how you balance your wallet, let the wallet fold balance the flavor! Not only is the idea pretty smart, but it also protects the flavor so that when you take a bite, your taste buds are relished with flavor. Take the end of the pizza up to the crust, then fold it in half once more to make a pocket. This pocket will save your topping from falling and ensure you taste EVERYTHING.

Pro tip: If you are visiting a U District Pizza soon, make a pizza wallet and start eating from the crust. This will save your wallet from falling apart and your pizza will taste more delicious!

The Cleanest Method: Fork & Knife

There is no other perfect partner for a pizza slice than a fork and knife. Yes, you enjoy pizza more when you eat with your bare hands but more than often, the inevitable happens: your pizza falls apart. Especially when it’s a deep-dish pizza. There is no way that you can eat a deep-dish pizza neatly without a fork and knife. With these utensils, you can easily cut the slice into smaller pieces and taste the crust, cheese and toppings with every bite. Pro tip: When you’re out on a date or a business meeting, the best way to eat a pizza is with a fork and knife. Not only does it help you savor every bite, but it also creates the impression that you like being clean.

Don’t know where to go next? There is a perfect UW Pizza Place for you to try out these pizza tricks! Northlake Tavern has a variety of pizzas to choose from. What’s more! You can also make your own pizza! From their menu, you can pick your favorite flavor and try out an easy pizza-eating style. This excellent eatery is definitely the best pizza house and beer place in the U-District Pizza Area.

If you pay a visit to Seattle, WA and want to try out the best pizzas, go no further than Northlake Tavern! They hope you visit them soon!

Northlake Tavern Pizza and Bar Seattle

Northlake Tavern & Pizza House Lively Tavern Providing Specialty Pizzas to adults 21+ (under 21 can order take out) since 1954.

Maps & Directions
660 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 633-5317

From New York to Seattle

Our specialty pizzas featured in our restaurant are inspired by an old Italian recipe. After many episodes of trial and error, the original owner of Northlake Tavern made a bet that he could craft the best pizza in town. So a bet was made, and the recipe for our speciality pizzas was formulated; a recipe that we still proudly serve here today.

Special Recipe

Our owner recalled eating a great pizza in an Italian restaurant owned by an old friend in New York. After receiving their traditional Italian recipe, he experimented with various kinds of toppings, cheeses, and crust recipes, until perfection was achieved, and the Northlake-style Pizza was born! He won the bet.

Tradition of Excellence

Since then, we have carried on the tradition of making our own special kind of pizza. We work hard everyday to make sure that each pizza ordered is a real tasty treat that you won't forget. Our restaurant uses only the freshest and finest ingredients available, such as real Canadian bacon, Hawaiian pineapple, and freshly-grated cheeses. Plus, our pepperoni and beef sausage is specially-ground to meet our very specific standards.

Since 1954

Northlake Tavern and Pizza House opened in 1954 at a site just a block west of its present location in Seattle, Washington. With the construction of the Interstate 5 Highway bridge, Northlake had to move to a location closer to the U District, where we are still proudly serving the community as a local pub, sportsbar, and pizza restaurant.

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David Horsey, Seattle's Pultizer Prize-winning Cartoonist

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