Northlake Tavern’s Top 5 Pizza Topping Combinations Of 2019

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When it comes to satisfying every palate, pizza gets universally approved. Whether it is a piping hot box of delivery or the steaming homemade oven pizza, it is difficult not to drool in anticipation over the melted cheese, crisp crust, and the debatable delicious toppings of pizza.

Pizza toppings- the ingredients that tie the flavor of pizza, and the question that divides the room. Pizza toppings usually comprise a type of cheese and sauces, and after that, you can add whatever you want to satisfy your craving. Where some pizza toppings can stretch the pizza topping discussion, others are everlasting and universally loved.

From meat lovers to vegan-friendly, ahead, we have given a lowdown of iconic pizza topping combinations that will surely make you drool.

Our Top five all-time Pizza Topping Combinations Of 2019

With such a wide variety of pizza topping to select from, there is always something for everyone. Below, we have shared the top five pizza topping combinations that will make you rethink your regular pizza order.

Pineapple and Ham

Highly misunderstood but remarkably delicious- pineapple and ham is one of the most popular and loved pizza topping pairings. It renders the right amount of sweetness balanced with savory. You can pair pineapple with any kind of ham like country ham or prosciutto. Mostly Canadian bacon is used to pair with pineapple.

BBQ Sauce and Chicken

BBQ sauce and chicken are an exceptional savory combination, so why not top your pizza with it? The BBQ sauce is a tangy and spicy substitute for the traditional marinara sauce. For people who love traditional pizza topping but want a different flavor for their sauce, then this tasty pizza combination is the right pick for you.

Pesto and Chicken

Pesto and chicken are another classic meat pizza match with a nutty sauce twist. Pesto and chicken are an unmatched pasta combination, and its pizza combination is equally drool-worthy. In fact, in terms of healthier pizzas, this combination is one of the healthier and flavorsome options.

Bacon and Shrimp

Bacon and shrimp are by far the most unusual yet delicious pizza pairing. Out of all the pizza toppings, this is the one that might cause you to raise your eyebrows. However, this is the pizza topping pairing that promises to satisfy your seafood and meat craving.

Fig and Prosciutto

Fig and prosciutto follow the same theme as pineapple and ham. These two hit the right sweet and savory balance. You have the sweetness of fig working beautifully with the saltiness of the prosciutto. It is a great savory pizza option and an exceptional option for your dessert pizza.

If you are looking for the ideal place for flavorful and mouthwatering pizzas in Seattle, WA, Northlake Tavern is the perfect pizza house to visit. From meat lovers to vegan-friendly, we curate pizzas to satisfy your appetite and taste buds. We also offer House specials with our handpicked and flavor-bursting topping options. Northlake Tavern is located near UW – Udub (University of Wa) area. So, don’t miss out on the mouth-watering menu and visit us today

Northlake Tavern Pizza and Bar Seattle

Northlake Tavern & Pizza House Lively Tavern Providing Specialty Pizzas to adults 21+ (under 21 can order take out) since 1954.

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660 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98105
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From New York to Seattle

Our specialty pizzas featured in our restaurant are inspired by an old Italian recipe. After many episodes of trial and error, the original owner of Northlake Tavern made a bet that he could craft the best pizza in town. So a bet was made, and the recipe for our speciality pizzas was formulated; a recipe that we still proudly serve here today.

Special Recipe

Our owner recalled eating a great pizza in an Italian restaurant owned by an old friend in New York. After receiving their traditional Italian recipe, he experimented with various kinds of toppings, cheeses, and crust recipes, until perfection was achieved, and the Northlake-style Pizza was born! He won the bet.

Tradition of Excellence

Since then, we have carried on the tradition of making our own special kind of pizza. We work hard everyday to make sure that each pizza ordered is a real tasty treat that you won't forget. Our restaurant uses only the freshest and finest ingredients available, such as real Canadian bacon, Hawaiian pineapple, and freshly-grated cheeses. Plus, our pepperoni and beef sausage is specially-ground to meet our very specific standards.

Since 1954

Northlake Tavern and Pizza House opened in 1954 at a site just a block west of its present location in Seattle, Washington. With the construction of the Interstate 5 Highway bridge, Northlake had to move to a location closer to the U District, where we are still proudly serving the community as a local pub, sportsbar, and pizza restaurant.

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